Top Online Brokers Ranked

DLJdirect leads the pack of best
performing Internet stock brokers in the hot online e-trading sector,
according to Gomez Advisors Inc., which recently released
its Spring 1999 scorecard of the top 20 online brokers.

The research firm rated Internet brokers by visiting sites, issuing
questionnaires and conducting telephone interviews. Brokers were rated in
key areas including site performance time, availability, ease of use,
customer confidence, overall cost, on-site resources and relationship services.

The ratings system is then matched according to customer profile, which
includes frequent traders, serious investors, the life-goal planner and the one-stop shopper.

The top ten brokers were:

  • DLJdirect
  • Discover
  • E*Trade
  • Datek
  • Schwab
  • AB Watley
  • Waterhouse
  • Fidelity
  • Quick & Reilly

Top ranking DLJdirect drew kudos for the fifth time in seven quarters,
Gomez said. The company cited
DLJ as providing an excellent product, institutional research access, IPOs,
life event planning tools and a classic design.

Concord, Mass.-based Gomez Advisors was founded by Julio Gomez,
a former senior analyst in the
money and technology strategies division at Forrester Research Inc. and John Robb,
former senior Internet technology analyst for Forrester.

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