travelFUSION Travel Comparator Launches in Europe

[London, ENGLAND] If users say when and where they want to go
within Europe, travelFUSION
launched Monday — offers a list of options by plane, train,
coach, ferry and automobile, complete with fares.

The new travelFUSION service brings together timetable and
pricing information from British Airways, TheTrainLine,
Swiss Air Group, P&O Stena Line, and coach operator
National Express. It not only helps travelers find exact
times of departure and arrival, but enables them to book
their tickets as well.

Moshe Rafiah, chief executive officer at travelFUSION,
commented that integrated transport planning is finally
with us.

“For the first time travelers can benefit from a complete
and personalized solution — comparing all the transport
options, the different travel operators, the costs and
times of travel — just a click away from booking the
best journey,” said Rafiah.

travelFUSION follows the huge success of the
rail travel planner which was one of the first Web-based
services in the U.K. More recently,
backed with a substantial awareness campaign — has presented
similar information which is now also shared by

There are reportedly over half a million place names in
the travelFUSION database, together with a smart route
planner designed to optimize each journey between A
and B in Europe.

For example, the site gives car travelers from the U.K.
directions to Dover (the main port for travel
to France), an appropriate ferry timetable, directions
to Paris, plus the total cost of the trip.

The company behind the venture is TravelFusion Limited,
a U.K. e-commerce Internet start-up that was founded
in December 1999.

TravelFusion Limited has plans for extending its travel
comparator by introducing a new service named cityFUSION
in the near future. cityFUSION will tell travelers how
to get from A to B by all available transport options
in a city — as well as providing information about
“what to see, and where to eat, shop and party.”

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