Tripod Puts WiseWire to Work

Tripod today announced the
launch of a personal home page directory that will employ WiseWire directory-building technology to navigate through its reported 2.7 million members’ home pages.

Tripod’s parent company, Lycos Inc., bought Pittsburgh, PA-based WiseWire on April 30 for approximately $39.75 million.

Tripod is billing its Internet community as the only one of its kind to offer
directory-building functionality that integrates search technology with user input to rank members’ personal home pages by relevancy.

The WiseWire system is designed to produce hierarchical directories of
site links as ranked by users, in addition to sites emanating from the
Lycos Web spider. It sorts and categorizes Tripod members’ home pages into subsections according to relevance as rated by searchers. In turn, searchers can review and suggest pages to other users.

The search results feature not only text and graphics, but licensed pictures and sounds from a new gallery segmented into popular areas, such as models, sports, and movies.

“Using the WiseWire technology to build homepage directories is a
natural extension of Tripod’s community approach on the Web,” says
Margaret Gould Stewart, vice president media & community development,
Tripod. “In addition to finding relevant homepages, Tripod members
have a say in their ranking, depending on how meaningful they find the
content. It’s a great, participatory way of recognizing members.”

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