Trivanti Speeds Internet Connection Time for Mobile Customers in Europe

[London, ENGLAND] Mobile Internet solutions company Trivanti
announced Friday the launch of a wireless service that will
let mobile users in Europe connect to the Internet three
times as quickly as before.

Named Trivanti QuickConnect, the new service will be available
initially in the U.K., with other countries to follow this
year. The company says the service is particularly suitable
for PDA users connecting to the Internet via their GSM handsets.

Up till now, many users have been annoyed by how long it takes
to connect to the Internet using Wireless Application Protocol
(WAP). According to Trivanti it takes an average of 25 seconds
for most regular ISPs to establish a full modem set up session.

With Trivanti QuickConnect this time is reduced to just 8 seconds.

“QuickConnect exploits the advantages of the GSM ISDN connection
to significantly improve connection time,” explained Simon Luttrell,
chief technical officer at Trivanti.

Luttrell confirmed that the Trivanti servers use protocols which
enable users to connect in typically a third of the time taken
for a non-ISDN connection.

“The new service reduces the average time it takes to establish
a data connection via GSM networks by deploying V110 ISDN protocol
technology and making use of the ISDN subset capabilities of GSM
handsets. In a mobile environment this timesaving makes a big
difference,” said Luttrell.

Chief Executive Gareth Hughes commented that Trivanti QuickConnect
will provide an immediate improvement for mobile data users today.
It is being launched, he said, at a time when the world continues
to wait for the promised land of always-on wireless data services.

Trivanti is a joint venture between palmtop computer manufacturer
Psion and United Business Media. Its focus is to optimize mobile
services for the so-called “advanced devices” such as the Psion
Revo and Ericsson R380.

Trivanti will provide QuickConnect free of charge for customers
who will simply pay for a local call charge. All the instructions
are available at the company’s Web site.

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