UK’s Deluxe Data Launches Three Internet Banking Solutions

UK-based Deluxe Data International Ltd. has launched three new Internet banking products in anticipation of a predicted increase in demand for online banking services in Europe.

The vendor said the new products will provide highly flexible services,
reflecting the unique needs of a financial institution’s various market

The new products are: Deluxe Internet Financial Management for
Home, which enables customers to access their accounts from home
over the Internet. The second is Deluxe Internet Financial Management
for Business, which allows small- to medium-sized businesses to manage
their payments and control their cash flow. Thirdly, Deluxe Internet
Financial Management for Corporate is a system that allows banks to
interact with sophisticated corporate customers.

“Financial institutions are being compelled to embrace the online culture,”
said Ron Drake, managing director, Deluxe Data International. “They are
realising that Internet banking allows them to expand their
customer base to capture tomorrow’s technologically literate customers.”

“The Internet provides the optimum service levels demanded by those
customers–24 x 7 access and up-to-the-minute information,” Drake said.
“These products also support an infrastructure which gives
financial institutions the ability to package a whole range of products and
services for delivery across multiple channels. Already banks are
expanding their services beyond traditional boundaries into mortgage
advice and bill payment. It is vital that online services are offered as part
of this growing portfolio.”

The new products are based on Windows NT and use other Microsoft
technologies, such as SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft Transaction Server
and Active Server Pages, to optimise Internet delivery. The result, says
the vendor, is a cost-effective platform for financial institutions–which
delivers the performance, scalability and resilience that are necessary for
secure online services.

Deluxe Data International Limited is an affiliate of Deluxe Electronic
Payment Systems, Inc., one of the largest third party processors of EFT
transactions in the United States.

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