Ulead Systems Releases MediaStudio Pro 6.0

Ulead Systems, Inc. released MediaStudio Pro 6.0,
the latest version of its professional video editor.

This new version
incorporates support for technologies such as DV IEEE-1394 (iLink/Firewire),
MPEG-2 and MP3 audio.

MediaStudio Pro edits DV natively, eliminating generation loss. The DV codec is maintained throughout the entire process — from capture,
through editing, to output — without transcoding to another format. MediaStudio Pro has now incorporated Batch Capture from multiple source tapes and can control a camcorder through a batch capture sequence or
on the fly with control input from the user.

In addition, MediaStudio Pro 6.0 incorporates MPEG-2 native editing in which
MPEG-2 files can be captured from any analogue capture board that supports
RGB or YUV drivers. Once the MPEG-2 video has been captured, MediaStudio Pro
continues to work with video files in native MPEG format, due to the
incorporation of Ligos Corp.’s GoMotion technology, an MPEG-2
encoder/decoder. With GoMotion integrated into all aspects of MediaStudio Pro
6.0, users now enjoy DVD quality video on-screen or off a CD-ROM with the
convenience and performance of MPEG-2’s small file sizes.

For audio file support, MediaStudio Pro 6.0 captures MP3 audio files to be
used for background music or sound effects which allows for greater
flexibility in editing and a wide selection of music to download off the Web.

MediaStudio Pro 6.0’s user interface has been redesigned using independent
Source and Preview windows. The new Source window allows for multiple cuts to be placed on the timeline
from one source clip, without dragging the same raw clip to the timeline
multiple times. Once IN and OUT points are made on the clip, it can be
dragged to the timeline for finer tuning, the firm said.

Improved ripple editing allows users to choose between no ripple,
single-track ripple and multi-track ripple editing, allowing editors to
insert clips many different ways without re-configuring the sequence or
layout of their project. Push-away insertion and automatic trim-to-space has
also been included into the editing controls.

Improvements have also been made in SmartRender technology to increase render
times and minimize re-render instances. In addition, other Smart tools have
been added such as: Smart Check and Convert, which insures all files in a
project conform to the project settings; Smart Relink which automatically
re-links lost files; and Smart Trim which deletes trimmed video not used in
the project to save disk space.

Pro 6.0 is scheduled to be available in retail and online stores in March 2000. The
estimated street price for MediaStudio Pro 6.0 is $495.

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