USA Video Interactive to Port Wavelet Technology to Sun Solaris

USA Video Interactive announced that it will
develop a wavelet streaming video solution for Sun Microsystems, Inc.’s
Solaris Operating Environment.

The two companies plan to offer USA Video
Interactive’s Wavelet compression for Unix on Sun server technology and Sun
Ray 1 desktop appliances in the primary and secondary school education market
within the next year, and also offer these systems to the corporate training
market worldwide.

“We see video content delivery as a new level of service for schools,
provided to them through the Web on any client platform,” said Robert
Iskander, director of market development, global education and research, Sun
Microsystems. “USA Video’s technology will help provide high-quality,
high-speed video delivery via the Internet to students anywhere in the

USA Video Interactive announced in February that it would enhance its Wavelet
compression technology, powered by Lightning Strike, for the Unix platform
used in education, corporate training, industrial and other business
applications where scalability, performance, reliability, and security in
large enterprise-based client operations are required. The enhanced
technology for Unix will allow Solaris Operating Environment users in both
low- and high-bandwidth environments to view high-quality streaming video
without losing image or motion integrity.

“We are pleased to develop this technology in association with Sun
Microsystems because we believe it will provide for both companies access to
untapped markets for streaming video applications through Unix-based
platforms,” said Edwin Molina, president of USA Video Interactive.

USA Video Interactive’s engineering team will develop and engineer the
Unix-based streaming video solution for the Solaris Operating Environment.

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