Valu-net Teams With AOL Canada, ISPs for Web-this-Week

Valu-net International has partnered with five Canadian Internet service providers and AOL Canada on a cooperative branding, marketing, and revenue program for its recently launched Web-this-Week.

The ISPs in the program include GlobalServe Communications, Interlog Internet Services, Internet Direct, i-STAR/PSINet, and TotalNet.

Web-this-Week, which was launched earlier this month, is a portal site that
works as a marketing vehicle for Valu-net’s Enhanced Service Program, a
fully integrated platform for information transmission, direct marketing and
electronic commerce.

Valu-net’s ESP drives users to selected company Web sites to increase the
volume of consumer interaction as well as purchases that are made over the

“Strong partnerships with AOL Canada and these ISPs will enable us to access
an estimated 575,000 unique members, making us the number one ISP gateway in
Canada,” said David Lucatch, President and CEO of Valu-net Corporation.

“AOL Canada and the ISPs will cooperatively market themselves and Valu-net’s

An extensive radio campaign will be used to increase market awareness of the
site. Using a 60 second “expert view” format, radio listeners will be given
a review of a popular Web site.

Valu-net has snagged six new clients for the launch of the site including
Allstate Insurance, Business Depot, Canadian Tire, Liberty Health,
Scotiabank, and the Microsoft Network Canada. The companies will have their
Web sites posted and reviewed on Web-this-Week.

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