Vancouver Stock Exchange Revamps, Commerce-Enables Site

The Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) has incorporated a range of new services into its Web site offerings over the past few weeks, including an e-commerce application that allows users to buy VSE publications online.

The restructured site now has improved navigation and information designed to improve browser access to VSE data.

New features include a 15-minute delayed quote ticker, dynamic RMI graphics,
market summaries and trading reports, market-focused VSE publications, the ability to establish and maintain a user account, VSE News Releases and New Listing Bulletins, Adobe Acrobat format versions of many print publications, as well as member firm profiles.

The most recent enhancement enables customers to purchase VSE publications
and historical trade reports online–the first Canadian stock exchange to
offer such an e-commerce solution for its publication and subscription services.

A wide variety of VSE information is now available for online purchase,

  • Daily Trade Summary Reports
  • Monthly Trade Reports
  • Listed Company Directory
  • Daily Bulletins
  • Net House Position Reports
  • Trade-by-Trade Reports
  • VSE Reviews
  • Membership Directory of VSE Member Firms
  • VSE Bylaws and Rules Manual
  • Corporate Finance Policy and Procedures Manual

The publications are available in a variety of distribution formats,
including on-screen reports, downloadable files, and traditional postal service.

The new VSE site also establishes a platform for its Listed Company
Database which is planned for the near future.

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