Vendor Creating Wireless Search Engine

ImaginOn previously known for
streaming video technology for set-top users, said
Thursday it is developing what it termed a “next
generation” wireless search engine.

The search engine, which the company will call Vizario,
will “bring significant new benefits to telcos, wireless
equipment manufacturers and end users,” claimed CEO
David Schwartz. It is designed for Java-based
platforms, he said.

That’s because it can find, format and display or play
back Web and intranet information without using a
browser or Wireless Application Protocol (WAP),”
Schwartz said.

“The prevalent system for accessing data from the Web
or from an Intranet server using a microbrowser and
WAP is less than optimal, to put it politely,” Schwartz

Vizario is a Java-based client-server system. Besides working on Java-enabled
mobile devices, the company says it enables Web searches to be initiated on
the desktop and retrieved by the mobile device.

The first version of Vizario will be for Motorola iDEN phones today. The
company also will develop a version of the Symbian EPOC platform, he said.

Schwartz said the company has completed the proof of concept stage and will
start demonstrating the technology for potential customers in February. The
product will be fully available in the third quarter of this year, he said.

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