vJungle.com Offers Group Access to Services

vJungle.com Inc. recently launched an online groupware solution targeted
specifically at small businesses.

It is a free Web-based service that offers access to
common group service needs such as e-mail,
calendar/scheduling functions and real time chat and

Businesses that sign up for the service receive a
subdomain of the vJungle.com domain; i.e.,
yourbusiness.vjungle.com. Individual users can then
receive their own e-mail address within this domain
name, meaning that your business name can be
part of your e-mail address.

Once logged into the
service, team members have access to Web-based
e-mail, scheduling and calendar functions, real time
chat and instant “flash” messaging, contact
managament, a pop-up note pad, and file sharing. In
addition, an included wizard is designed to allow businesses to
quickly establish their own Web site (again,
accessible through their vJungle.com domain) by
filling in information within predefined site templates.

vJungle.com is currently available for preview through
its Web site. The full site is expected to roll out in
January of 2000.

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