Vodafone, Nortel to Trial Wireless in UK

Vodafone UK and
Nortel Networks are planning a London trial of new wireless and IP networking technologies early next year.

“The inevitable combination of high Internet and high wireless
use has created a new Wireless Internet value chain for the
entire industry,” said Pascal Debon, president, Wireless
Internet, Nortel Networks.

“As the industry reorganises itself to take advantage of
this emerging market, Nortel Networks is focusing on radically
driving down the cost of delivering new wireless data services
while creating a smooth evolution path for mobile operators.”

On trial will be W-CDMA third generation (3G) wireless radio
and IP technologies, and it will feature business and consumer

Vodafone UK will test several data and voice services,
using devices such as a mobile phone with a built-in camera and
video screen. It will also test pocket-sized voice terminals,
wireless modems for laptop computers and a new mobile device that is
said to handle transmission speeds up to 384 kbps.

“Through this trial with Nortel Networks, we hope to gain a clearer
understanding of both the technology and consumer behavior aspects
of Wireless Internet, and use this information to guide us in the
deployment of 3G networks worldwide,” said Alan Harper, managing
director, Vodafone Ltd.

Other W-CDMA trials are planned or already in progress between
Nortel Networks and BT, France Telecom and the North American
GSM Alliance.

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