Vuent Introduces Envision-i Real-Time Platform

Vuent, Inc. (formerly Adaptive Media, Inc.) Monday introduced its Envision-i real-time visual collaboration platform.

Using the Internet, Envision-i is made to let
multiple users in different locations easily view, interrogate and re-purpose
existing rich media and supporting data throughout the extended enterprise,
on any PC, regardless of connection bandwidth.

Envision-i, a next-generation Internet solution for the extended enterprise,
is a significant enhancement to Vuent’s Envision3D product. Envision-i is
based on Vuent’s Intelligent Streaming engine that dynamically and
efficiently delivers rich media — 3D graphics, sound, video and text — in
real time. Unlike traditional Internet technologies that download large files
and require lengthy waiting periods (from several seconds, minutes, or
hours), Envision-i sends only the data needed to support the portion of the
file in use at that time, the firm said. As a result, portions of large files residing
securely on a central server can be simultaneously viewed using Internet
Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Envision-i’s Intelligent Streaming extends
real-time access to rich media assets at every point of need throughout each
stage of a product or process lifecycle — design, manufacturing, sales,
marketing and service.

Traditionally, most graphical product and process data has been largely
limited to design engineering teams. Technical limitations have prevented
corporate users and relevant third parties from sharing this information
across the supply chain. Before it could be shared, product and process data
had to be simplified and viewed on high-end workstations with
computer-aided-design (CAD) software, shipped overnight, or even recreated.

“Envision-i is the only real-time Internet solution that enables engineering,
manufacturing, sales, marketing, and suppliers to visualize rich-media
graphics and interrogate its associated corporate information,” said Michael
Pliner, Vuent president and CEO. “It is now possible for organizations to
have the features, performance and scalability required to collaborate across
the entire supply chain.”

Envision-i enables everyone to access all the graphical and non-graphical
information associated with a product. Design information resides in a
variety of database repositories — CAD, CAM and CAE. Business information
resides in data warehouses, ERP, PDM, maintenance, and customer applications.

Links can be created from designs or design objects to specification sheets,
drawings, service records, audio, video clips, etc. to enhance existing
marketing, sales or product information. Using Envision-i, anyone can query
the product attributes to locate and select specific product components or
select a component to view its associated data. The assembly hierarchy lists
component data in an easy-to-read format.

Envision-i is scheduled for availability November 8, 1999. Entry-level pricing starts at
approximately $1,500 per desktop.

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