WavePhore Rolls Out WaveTop 2.0

WavePhore, Inc.
Thursday released the latest version of its WaveTop Internet broadcast

Version 2.0 broadcasts information including news, sports, investment
advice, shopping, children’s programming and free software downloads to
computers equipped with WaveTop’s wireless TV-tuner board. This latest
version is integrated with
Microsoft’s Internet Explorer
browser, eliminating the need for a separate application.

Other new features include a simplified user-interface and installation
process, as well as enhanced compatibility with existing TV tuner cards,
designed to make it easier for consumers to switch between multiple
tuner-card software applications.

“With the integration of WaveTop into Microsoft’s Internet browser,
subscribers are guaranteed an even faster and richer experience,” said Thom
Kozik, executive vice-president and general manager of WaveTop. “Advances
in WaveTop 2.0’s navigation, visual design, and ability for customization,
will undoubtedly make WaveTop the destination of choice for many consumers.”

WaveTop version 2.0 can be downloaded at the company’s Web site, and a CD-ROM version is also
available directly from WavePhore, which will also be bundled with all
leading TV tuner cards.

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