Wearnes Technology Subsidiary To Develop Bluetooth Gear, Applications

SINGAPORE — Singapore-based Wearnes Technology has formed a subsidiary in the U.S. to develop, manufacture and market wireless communication and networking products based on Bluetooth technology.

The formation of Windigo Systems, Inc. in California is a result of the company’s optimism that Bluetooth wireless technology will “revolutionize the way digital devices communicate and interconnect in the office, in the home and while on the move.” It also cited the wide range of Bluetooth applications as the emerging technology’s promise.

Wearnes Technology’s Bluetooth development activities are being carried out at its research centers in San Jose and California in the U.S., and in Singapore.

The company had, at this year’s Cebit 2001 show, demonstrated its prototype Bluetooth Module, Bluetooth Software Development Kit and Bluetooth Headset, all of which generated “considerable interest” and lead to enquiries from consumer product and PC peripherals vendors, according to company officials. Developers of industrial applications in the banking and medical equipment manufacturing sectors also expressed keen interest.

In a statement to the Singapore Exchange, WBL Corporation, parent company of Wearnes Technology, indicated that Windigo Systems will spearhead the design and development of Bluetooth modules and applications within the Wearnes Technology Group, and will target these products at the telecom and consumer electronics industries.

WBL Corporation is an internationally diversified group that has three main lines of business – trading and distribution; property and leisure; and technology and manufacturing. It manufactures proprietary products for the IT, agri-technology and biomedical industries.

The initial holding of Wearnes Technology’s 92.94 percent equity in Windigo Systems comprises 1,000,000 shares of common stock and 4,000,000 shares of Series A preferred stock, rendering Windigo Systems 92.61 percent effectively held by WBL, according to the statement.

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