webHancer Unveils Performance Software

webHancer Corp.
launched this week its comprehensive, ASP-based portfolio of e-channel
management services and telecom-class performance data collection and
analysis software.

The portfolio of software is designed for e-channel businesses that require
optimized Internet infrastructures to drive revenues, conduct online
transactions, and broadly distribute their product and service offerings
through mass distribution channels.

While most Web analysis and optimization solutions monitor Web servers or
gather performance data by emulating Web site visits from a small set of
geographic locations, webHancer continuously measures and analyzes
performance data derived from customers’ actual end-to-end Web experiences.

“Consumers will naturally buy from, and return to, the Web sites that offer
them optimal online performance,” said Mike Gotta, vice president of IT
research firm META Group‘s Web and
Collaboration Strategies.

“A responsive, high performance Internet infrastructure is critical for
e-businesses to grow revenue and establish brand recognition, customer
loyalty, and sustainable success.”

webHancer points to recent market research indicating the opportunity for
e-businesses to capture new customers and revenue opportunities by improving
the responsiveness of their e-commerce infrastructures:

  • Forrester Research concludes that 10-25 percent of e-commerce
    transactions are aborted because of slow response times.

  • Andersen Consulting reports that 25 percent of holiday e-commerce
    transactions in late 1999 ended in failure.

  • Zona Research asserts that $58 million in e-commerce sales is lost each
    month due to Web page loading failures and delays.

Available immediately, webHancer offers a comprehensive range of monthly
subscription services starting at US$3,000.

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