Webtrends Targets Firewall Security

WebTrends, a provider of solutions for
ebusiness intelligence and visitor relationship management, this week upgraded its flagship firewall solution.

Firewall Suite 3.0. has the ability to run comprehensive reports on all
firewall activity, according to Derek Fine, product marketing manager,

“The product provides report and analysis of online traffic,” said Fine.
“For instance, it can give an analysis on the amount of bandwidth being used
in a company, recognize trends and potential problems and predict the future
needs of bandwidth. This feature can ensure that visitors have a positive
Internet experience.

“The suite, which is bundled with a security vulnerability assessment
tool, also can show attempted hacking incidents and point out and modify
potential security threats,” he added. “The Security Analyzer 10 System can
perform more than 1,000 security tests to detect security vulnerabilities
and recommend the latest fixes and updates.”

Additional features of the product include:

  • Monitoring, alerting and recovery capabilities that notify
    professionals of critical events or if a device goes down or stops

  • The analysis of firewall logs to occur 50 percent faster than previously
    released systems.

  • SurfWatch reports, an imbedded URL categorization that details employee
    Internet usage, produced at rates up to 84 percent faster than previous

  • Remote managing and editing of reports generated.
  • Support for clustered servers.

In related news, the company announced that 11 firewall vendors —
including Sun, 3M, Inktomi and SonicWall — have been certified in its
WebTrends Enhanced Log Format program, which ensures that their
firewall products are compatible with Suite 3.0.

The program provides a framework for the development of firewall, VPN and
proxy logs that are compatible with the suite of products.

The suite costs $1,999 per server. The system can be downloaded for a
free time-limited trial by clicking here.

The Security Analyzer, which can also be downloaded for a free trial, is
available in two versions: Professional, which costs $1,499, and Enterprise,
designed for a complete enterprise/geographical location, which is priced at

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