Webtricity 2 Does It All for Web Graphics

Micrografx, Inc. unveiled Webtricity 2, a powerful suite of software for creating graphics and animation for the Web.

It offers three professional-level applications, Internet functionality, and 80,000 different pieces of clip art.

The main applications in Webtricity 2 are: Picture Publisher 8, which enables users to produce animations and complex graphics indexes; Simply3D 3, a popular three-dimensional animation product with support for both animated GIF and VRML formats; and Windows Draw 6, a vector drawing application for Web page authoring. The suite also contains Media Manager 8, an easy-to-use graphics organizer.

“Competitively priced at $199, Webtricity 2 is affordable and powerful
enough for everyone, from non-professionals to small business PC users and professional artists,” said Douglas Richard, president and CEO of Micrografx. “Virtually no other set of graphics tools on the market allows a larger group of users to produce dynamic content for Web pages to the extent that Webtricity 2 does.”

Webtricity’s clip art collection includes more than 10,000 photographs, 1,000 3D objects, 1,000 textures and seamless tiles, 250 different fonts and 3,000 vintage illustrations. They can be edited to create new graphics and animations–or used as they are–royalty free.

Micrografx’ products can be purchased from retail stores such as Best Buy, CompUSA and Computer City.

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