Webzter Open for Business in London

Web developer
Webzter Corp. has opened
an office in London, and plans for the new branch to serve all of Europe in the next few months.

Other offices were also opened in Rio de Janeiro and in New York City and San Jose, Calif.

The announcement of this major expansion comes just days
after Webzter launched regional offices throughout Asia,
including Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

“Webzter’s growth potential is exponential as we are the
gatekeepers to e-business,” said Dean Shafer, president and CEO.

“We are expanding rapidly into both U.S. and international
market places. Webzter Corporation is currently on track to
book approximately $4m to $5m in revenue for the 1999 calendar

Dean Shafer went on to explain that current revenues represent
a growth rate of over 1,000 per cent from 1998, with 45 per cent
pretax net profit. The secret, he said, lies in Webzter’s combination
of “innovative growth strategies and virtual development

“Webzter will offer our international clients advanced U.S.
technology-based Web systems and e-business methodologies while
maintaining the colloquialisms of the local markets,” said Shafer.

Webzter’s main competition among high-end, international web
developers are iXL, USWeb, IBM, Razorfish, International Integration,
AppNet and (“our prime competitor,” according to Shafer) Agency.com.

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