Widevine Jumps into the Enterprise Space

After entering into the market with their initial product, Cypher, last September, Seattle-based Widevine Technologies has now jumped into the enterprise space with the launch of Enterprise Widevine Cypher.

The new product, which greatly resembles the Broadcast-targeted release of Cypher, is designed to secure confidential streaming media content for corporations relying on Internet and private networks for communication.

“As companies realize that they can save an enormous amount of money by leveraging streaming media and the internet for communications, they are also realizing that it’s not secure,” says Brian Baker, President and Founder of Widevine. “When we went out with Cypher in the broadcast community, it didn’t take a long time for people in the enterprise world to catch wind of this. There’s an enormous demand coming from the enterprise market with regards to securing their corporate communications.”

Baker notes that while the company’s initial intention were to provide broadcasters a way to secure their streams, it was an easy move into the enterprise market, once the company saw the demand.

“We’ve repositioned the product technically slightly, just to meet the needs of the corporate world,” says baker.

According to Tim Warner, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, the enterprise solution will be an addition to their business plan as an additional product, rather than a refocusing of their initial target with the Broadcast Cypher. The VP also notes that new products, still in development, will be released in the near future.

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