Will 1&1 Come Out with an ADSL Flat-Rate?

[Berlin, GERMANY] The Internet service provider 1&1 Internet AG in Montabaur
will introduce a new flat-rate to the market before the end of September. As
sources close to the company told the editors of de.internet.com, the
flat-rate will cost DM 29 (US $12.80) a month and
the amount of data is to be limited. Access will be through the fast
ADSL technology in the framework of the 1&1 Internet profi package, which
has access points throughout the entire country, and will be limited to one
gigabyte per month. For each additional megabyte, 9 Pfennigs (US $0.40)
will be charged.

Apparently they want to offer a cheap flat-rate without having to pay
for excessive use by Internet addicts. Details of the new flat-rate will be
officially announced by 1&1 Internet AG today. Included in the package
deal are, according to the source, a .de domain, memory and 50 free SMS
messages in D1, D2 and E-Plus networks each month. The T-DSL connection is
to be purchased from Deutsche Telekom. Also to be offered is a special
online backup solution with a volume of 100 MB.

Telephone participants with a normal analog connection can use T-DSL
which is available in a great number of German local networks.

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