Wired Workers Log More Online Time

Users who access the Web from work spent 35 percent more time online than home
users during the month of February, according to Internet
traffic analyst Media Metrix.

In a recent report, the firm found office users logged an average
of 417.4 minutes a month compared to 310.3 minutes per month from
home. In addition, Internet users at work went online an
average of three out of five days a week versus two out of seven days at home.

Work users also accessed 69 percent more content in February compared to the same period in 1998. Office users viewed 40 percent more content than home users in February.

The findings show that the most popular content accessed on the
Internet is news, information and entertainment, with an average of 96.7
minutes per month and 83.1 average daily unique pages/visitors per month.
In descending order, other popular access categories are search engines, marketing and corporate, adult content and shopping. In contrast, at home users may feel freer to view pornography
online; it follows the news category, placing second as the most accessed content.

Media Metrix also reported that sites with the greatest number of users
logging on from the workplace are:

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