Wireless Access for Cassiopeia Pocket PC Available

GoAmerica Inc. will make wireless
Internet access available for the Cassiopeia line of Pocket PCs
on February 26.

Cassiopeia customers will be able to access
GoAmerica’s Go.Web service using Nextcells PocketSpider modem

GoAmerica will be demonstrating the Go.Web service using a
Cassiopeia at this weeks Internet World Wireless 2001 conference
in New York.

GoAmerica said Cassiopeia users
equipped with the PocketSpider modem will be able to view
Microsoft Word and Excel attachments, access enterprise data,
use e-mail and browse the Internet.

Information about the service can be obtained from the GoAmerica
Web site. The PocketSpider retails for $349 but will be available as
part of a service package for GoAmerica subscribers.

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