Wireless Knowledge, OmniSky to Cross-Market Products

Wireless Knowledge Inc., jointly held by Microsoft Corp. and QUALCOMM Inc., Wednesday forged a strategic marketing agreement with OmniSky.

Under the terms of the deal, Wireless Knowledge will promote OmniSky’s wireless e-mail and Internet service to its enterprise customers while OmniSky markets Wireless Knowledge’s Workstyle Server to its enterprise customers. OmniSky’s customers will then be able to deploy Workstyle to allow their employees to securely access critical information like e-mail, calendar and contacts over OmniSky-enabled handhelds.

“Access to corporate e-mail is one of our customers’ most critical requirements,” said Kristine Stebbins, vice president of marketing at OmniSky. “To give a complete range of access to corporate e-mail, OmniSky provides solutions for mobile professionals who use Microsoft Outlook and now to enterprises. Workstyle Server’s support for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino, together with its superior security features, creates the perfect choice for users who are looking to easily access and manage their corporate data through their OmniSky wirelessly-enabled handheld device.”

Additionally, the two companies indicated that their relationship will continue to grow. They committed to a series of joint marketing activities, including partner programs and Web marketing, and also agreed to cross-market their offerings to their current and prospective customers. Also, the companies said they will collaborate on the development of next-generation wireless solutions for enterprise customers.

“This is truly a win win — not only for both parties, but for the mobile professional as well,” said Peggy Biddison, vice president and chief marketing officer for Wireless Knowledge. “And this is only the first step in what we expect will be quite a robust partnership.”

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