Worldbid Launches Into Spanish Market has partnered up with Spanish Portal Canarias Negocios to develop Spain’s newest trade lead

Spanish exporters will have the ability to market their products to over 40,000 companies around the world and buyers will be able to access products from more than 1,200 industries.

Canarias Negocios is a business portal that gives integral services to the Spanish companies in International trade. The site offers a directory of more than 10,000 Spanish companies and is in negotiations to receive another 25,000 companies.

In partnering with Canarias Negocios, Victoria-based Worldbid will have the ability to market their new site to Canarias’ current database of Spanish companies and be instantly connected to the Spanish trade community.

According to World Bank’s World Development Indicators, Spain had the world’s 10th greatest GNP per capita in 1999.

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