World’s Largest Linux Company?

LONDON — The acquisition of SCOs Server Software and Professional Services divisions sees Caldera, like many other Linux companies of late, moving towards an enterprise focus. The company will concentrate on three main lines – Development Products, Deployment Products and Management Products – in order to target SMEs, data centres and enterprises.

In line with its slogan, “Unifying UNIX with Linux for Business,” Caldera is aiming to develop integrated UNIX/Linux services, and to leverage its existing UNIX customer base to this end.

“The goal of Caldera International is to make Linux on industry standard hardware the alternative business platform,” was the comment of Ransom Love, CEO of the company, “With the completion of this acquisition, Caldera will be the only company to offer a standard unified platform that allows Linux applications to sclae to the enterprise utilising the power, maturity and stability of UNIX”.

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