Expands to Europe

Online shopping site Tuesday announced is expanding to
Europe, where it will attempt to cater to the tastes of nearly 400 million European consumers.

Operated by The Millennium Network, of Calgary, Alberta, the mall is being
split into Canadian, American and European malls, while adding such well-known stores as Dell Computer and Barnes & Noble.

“Europe represents a huge opportunity for us and allows us to draw on our European contacts. In addition margins are presently higher in Europe than in North America, allowing us increased
profitability much sooner,” said Millennium president Bernie Lauser.

As part of its expansion, Millennium has reserved the domain name, saying that it will become the basis of a multi-language site where Europeans can go to purchase products and services. Both and will offer multi-currency shopping in US and Canadian dollars and the euro.

A unique feature of the site is its referral commission program — and this, too, will be extended to Europe.

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