Xilinx Debuts IP Center

Attempting to expand it’s share of the FPGA (field
programmable gate array) market, Xilinx has debuted the IP Center, a site that offers intellectual property solutions.

“The Xilinx IP Center is a whole new way of helping customers in Asia who
want to implement system applications on our Virtex FPGAs, be it cores,
tools, or consulting,” said Stacy Fender, president, Xilinx K.K/Asia-Pacific.

The solutions available range from free reference designs, cores, DSP and
PCI packages to IP implementation tools, third party cores, specialized
system level services, and vertical application solutions.

With the opening of the site, Xilinx also
unveiled 20 new and free reference designs for FPGAs and CPLDs (complex
programmable logic devices) available for download and 12 more partners who
have joined the XPERTS consulting program.

“We were first to offer
configurable cores over the Internet for the Core Generator system and the
PCI Local Bus a couple of years ago, and since then we have rapidly expanded
our web-based IP capabilities through the Silicon Xpresso initiative.”

The Silicon Xpresso is a program to step up delivery of Internet and
Java-based applications to customers who design with field programmable gate
arrays and programmable logic devices, allowing testing, debugging,
manufacturing and field upgrades over the Internet.

It also includes its
Internet Reconfigurable Logic (IRL) system, in which custom hardware
circuits can be fully or partially reconfigured to change features or add new capabilities, even after customer installation.

“As we introduced new IP cores or updates over the web, the benefits to the
customer were immediate,” Fender said. “For example, we were the first
company to deliver a real PCI v 2.2 compliant 64/66 MHz solution, and
customers in Asia were able to immediately download the design and start
their implementation as soon as we announced the availability of the product.”

The system level solutions area of the Xilinx IP Center offers access to
information on IP and consulting services for applications
such as wireless, networking, XDSL technologies, image and video processing
and computers.

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