XOOM.com Buys E-Mail Security Company

In an effort to the tighten security of its e-mail services, e-commerce site XOOM.com Thursday bought encryption technology company Private One Inc.

Private One’s e-mail security technology will initially be added to XOOM.com’s MightyMail, with integration to follow in other XOOM.com service offerings.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“E-mail is a strategic component to our direct e-commerce strategy, so anything we can do to improve it, especially in terms of security, is extremely important to us,” said Vijay Vaidyanathan, Head of Strategic Technologies at XOOM.com. (XMCM)

“Private One’s technology will provide users of XOOM.com’s e-mail service as well as users of MightyMail’s OEM e-mail service with one of the safest environments for transferring sensitive information via e-mail.

“In the future, it will also simplify the transaction process for members who purchase from us through our targeted e-mail offers by eliminating a few steps that up until now have been necessary to ensure security.”

Private One’s solutions use public key cryptography and does not require any downloads.

XOOM.com has been one of NBC’s favorites as the television network expands its interest in the Internet. With Snap.com, the two companies will form the backbone of NBC’s new Internet company NBC Internet (NBCi), in which Snap.com will act as the umbrella consumer brand.

In June, NBC increased its investment in the company by $25 million to reach a total of $55 million, in an effort to speed up the arrival of the pending venture.

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