Yahoo Earnings Beat The Street

In the Internet space a few key stocks lead the way for the industry on Wall Street. AOL, Amazon, and Yahoo. Today is Yahoo’s day.

Yahoo outpaces expected results with its first quarter blowing away analyst targets and shows strong traffic growth. Revenue reaches $86 million vs. $30.5 million 1Q98. Net income is $25.1 million, $0.11 EPS vs. expected $0.08 EPS. Page views = 235 million per day. YHOO shares trading up in after-hours. Jerry, Dave, Tim, Gary and Jeff, congratulations to you and all the Yahooligans on a great quarter. Of all the Internet pure plays Yahoo seems to be setting the pace (still). Today’s snapshot:



point change

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  • GeoCities (NASDAQ:GCTY) posts $7.8 million 1Q99 revenue vs. $2.2 million 1Q98, and $6.9 million pro forma net loss 1Q99. 61 million page views per day, up from 53 million in December 1998. Note: Yahoo has agreed to acquire GeoCities so the impact to Yahoo has yet to be seen. Pros: page views and users go up. Cons: YHOO earnings may be dragged down a few quarters as GeoCities gets digested on the balance sheet.
  • Mindspring (NASDAQ:MSPG) increases the size of its debt offering to $180 million from $150 million as the ISP gets more aggressive in its growth stance.
  • Network Associates (NASDAQ:NETA) takes a hit on first-quarter earnings shortfall warnings, down 27% to $16 per share. The firm forecast earnings of between $0.30 per share and $0.32 per share while First Call targeted $0.48 EPS. Network Associates and all the software firms we’ve seen are battling Y2K fears slowing down the sales growth. Adding to that is the transition from desktop to network software solutions.
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