Yahoo Picks Beijing-funded Firm To Sell Ads

Yahoo Inc. has
selected Infoshare Technology Co. Ltd, a firm funded by the Ministry of Foreign
Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC),
to promote the portal network’s advertising services in China and design online
advertising for its Chinese customers.

“They are very good in building Web sites as
well as selling online advertising,” said Savio Chow, managing director, Yahoo!
Asia. “Since China is a very large country, we would like to work with local
partners in selling advertisement for us.”

Infoshare, bankrolled by MOFTEC’s China International Electronic Commerce
Centre, designed the ministry’s official Web site and its online China Market, a vehicle for promoting
several major industries in China.

When asked whether it was difficult to sell advertising in China, Chow
commented, “I think the barrier [to advertising in China] is the same as other
parts of Asia where the advertisers have to be familiar with the interactive
advertising and
understand the benefits.”

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