Yahoo! Revamps Finance Site

Yahoo! Inc. Thursday moved to expand its Yahoo! Finance financial site with a suite of free financial tools that
allow users to track, analyze and manage their money from one Web page.

Yahoo! Finance Money Manager offers access to all of a user’s online accounts, bypassing the need to visit multiple sites to manage
finances. Users can utilize the site for paying bills, transferring funds, analyzing investments, creating and following budgets,
and keeping abreast of their net worth and the news.

“Money Manager demonstrates Yahoo! Finance’s expanded commitment to personal finance and embodies our goal to be the only place
consumers need to go to easily and securely manage their finances online,” said Wade Lagrone, senior producer, Yahoo! Finance.
“Money Manager simplifies an individual’s financial picture by automatically turning their raw financial data into easy-to-read
charts, trends, forecasts and even money-saving opportunities. We provide the legwork for consumers, and empower them to make smart
financial decisions.”

Money Manager’s tools include:

  • Expense Manager, which can automatically categorize a user’s transactions, establish a personalized budget and present a
    snapshot of a user’s spending against that budget

  • Finance Planner, provided in collaboration with AdviceAmerica, allows users to map current spending against future goals
  • Investment Analysis, which analyzes all of a user’s investment accounts in one chart
  • Bill Pay
  • Funds Transfer, which allows users to transfer up to $10,000 between bank and brokerage accounts
  • Savings Finder, which scours the market to save money on wireless, long-distance and checking account plans based on user’s
    reported spending habits.

Yahoo! Finance has launched a new front page that highlights Money Manager. Yahoo! also said the page is simpler to navigate and
displays a broad range of personal finance and investment tools and services.

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