Yahoo! UK & Ireland Goes Mobile

Yahoo! UK & Ireland
has announced a mobile Internet content service, with quick access
to mail, finance, news and other information for mobile users.

At the same time, Yahoo! has introduced a comprehensive directory
about mobile technology and a list of global WAP sites with the
launch of its new Yahoo! Mobile

Access to the new service is available from any WAP-enabled mobile
phone. All the user has to do is to add as a
bookmark on the mobile phone and then select an appropriate option.

Yahoo! UK & Ireland’s Martina King said it was another
milestone in the company’s Yahoo! Everywhere strategy.

“For the first time ever, Yahoo! favorites can be accessed directly
from a WAP mobile phone and users will be able to keep up to date
with the latest news about mobile technology by looking at our
Yahoo! Mobile site,” said King.

Back in February, Yahoo! Europe and Siemens announced that they
are teaming up to offer WAP services for Siemens phone users.
As a result, Siemens is building direct access to Yahoo!’s
WAP content into its new products.

Siemens’ customers in Europe and Asia will be able to visit
for content in 10 languages. The first, in English and German,
will be available in April, the others by the middle of the year.

Half of all global Internet access will originate from mobile
phones within five years, according to some analysts. With its
traditionally vanilla style of presentation, unlike sites that
have become graphics-intensive, Yahoo! is well positioned to
adapt its content for mobile devices.

Globally, Yahoo! serves 120 million people each month worldwide.

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