ZakNet, Microsoft, Compaq Offer Satellite-Based Internet Solution

Microsoft has joined forces with ZakNet and Compaq
to roll out a new high speed, satellite-based Internet service
package for small to medium business users in the Gulf market.

The solution is based around the high speed Internet ZakCast technologies
available over the ZakSat satellite Internet platform. The service is expected to be
fully operational in November 1998.

“We’ve combined three solutions from Microsoft, Compaq and ZakNet in one
package,” said John Fernandes, Microsoft Gulf Internet customer unit manager.

The ZakNet platform utilizes satellite technology to speed up Internet
access up to ten times that of dial-up services. Companies can gain easy
access to high-speed Internet-on-demand services, as well as to streamed

“It’s almost like having your own, constantly updated, intranet,” commented
ZakNet vice president Brent Smith.

One area where there is potential for the ZakConnect solution is seen in the
ability for corporate companies to stream their own data across the ZakSat
satellite platform.

“We’re rolling out the ZakConnect package in the Gulf at present, but we do
see it going Asia-wide very soon,” Smith said.

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