ZDNet Invests in Expertcity.com

ZDNet Thursday joined Sun Microsystems Inc. in the $30 million second
round of financing for Expertcity.com, a new online
destination for real-time, expert-assisted help and learning.

and Sun Microsystems (SUNW)
joined Bertelsmann AG and Wit Capital Group Inc. (WITC)
as primary investors in the company.

In October, ZDNet integrated the expertcity.com service into its Web site,
with the launch of the ZDNet Help &
How-To channel
, a new resource for tech support information and
services. expertcity.com provides ZDNet visitors with the newest
development in online technical support — real-time, personal support from
a live expert online.

Expertcity.com adds customized service to ZDNet’s Help channel, the world’s
largest database of authoritative information and services with solutions
for every type of technology-related question or problem.

Visitors to ZDNet Help and How-To have access to well over 20,000 pages of
content culled from highly-respected sources including PC Magazine, PC
, PC Week, Family PC, and Yahoo! Internet Life magazines. The site
also provides an wealth of free content and support materials, including
help-related articles, alerts, how-to’s, tips, FAQs, updates, book
excerpts, bug reports, classes, downloads, forums and glossaries.

“We’re very pleased with the support we’ve received from ZDNet, both
financially and in terms of our partnership for live online technical
support on ZDNet’s Help & How-To channel,” said Andreas von Blottnitz,
chief executive officer of expercity.com. “It’s underscores our position as
a top notch learning resource that complements ZDNet’s other quality help
services. With ZDNet’s support we will continue to grow our easy-to-use,
instant, online expert support services.”

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