Zi Corp Lawsuit Against Tegic Dismissed

A U.S. Court in Seattle has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Zi Corp. of Canada against Tegic Communications.

In the lawsuit, which Zi filed earlier this year, the company claimed that
Tegic’s technology for the input of Chinese characters into mobile phones
violated Zi’s O’Dell United States patent.

The court found that Tegic’s Chinese T9 does not infringe the claims of
Zi’s patent.

Both companies have developed Chinese and English text input technology for cell phones, small handheld devices, and Internet set-top box systems.

According to Tegic, T9 Text Input is licensed by wireless phone manufacturers who represent more than 90 percent of the worldwide wireless handset market.

Wireless phone manufacturers that use T9 include Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola,
Benefon, Bosch, Fujitsu, Maxon, Mitsubishi, NEC, NeoPoint, Optimay,
Philips, Qualcomm, Sagem, Samsung, Siemens, Sony, Texas Instruments and

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