Zoom Ships Zoom/Video Cam Worldwide

Zoom Telephonics has begun international shipments of its Zoom/Video Cam, a full-color live-motion video camera for Windows 95 computers.

The Zoom/Video Cam plugs into the included ISA capture card or directly into a Zoom 56K internal fax modem.

Terry Manning, Zoom’s VP of sales and marketing, said: “The Zoom/Video
Cam provides the end-user with hardware and software for a wide range of
video applications on Windows 95 systems. When bought with a Zoom
Europe-approved 56K internal faxmodem, it’s an easily installed single-slot
video solution. You just install the modem in the computer’s ISA slot and then plug the camera into the modem’s video jack.”

Zoom/Video Cam is a complete solution for video mail, videophone, video
meetings, and still image capture. It allows the user to send and receive
real-time video-enhanced telecommunications or video mail over the Internet
or point-to-point.

To send video mail the user simply attaches a video file to e-mail messages. The software automatically attaches a “player” application program to the outgoing video mail.

Zoom/Video Cam works with any scanner-compatible software including
Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paintshop Pro, and Adobe Photo Deluxe. It comes
with a microphone and a CD-ROM containing video application software and
Windows 95 drivers.

The estimated retail price of Zoom/Video Cam is $119.

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