24/7 Media Forms New Direct Marketing Service

New York City-based 24/7 Media Inc. has launched 24/7 Direct, a service for direct marketers with transactional marketing objectives such as user registration, account application or product sales.

The company also named Ari Bluman as national director of 24/7 Direct, overseeing a team of sales professionals and marketing analysts dedicated to selling, placing and optimizing direct marketing campaigns. Although 24/7 has always worked with direct marketers in the past, 24/7 Direct enhances the planning and optimization process by easing advertisers’ burden of analysis, the company said. The 24/7 Direct team uses historical campaign results in the planning process, as well as a daily review of each campaign’s results, to improve performance and return on investment.

For example, using 24/7 Direct, a credit card issuer recently saw an 83 percent response rate increase on its 24/7 Direct campaign over a general run-of-network campaign, the company said.

“Direct marketers are seeking hard results, preferably via quality Web site properties like those we represent so they can simultaneously build brand equity,” said Jay Friesel, executive vice president for sales and marketing at 24/7 Media.

In March, the company launched 24/7 Promotions, a turnkey online direct marketing service “that generates qualified customer leads while leveraging multiple branding opportunities.”

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