24/7 Media, Modem Media Forge Alliance

Internet advertising firm 24/7 Media,
which has lately been trumpeting the growth of its ad
serving system, on Monday lined up another client and partnered with Web
development firm Modem Media.

24/7 Connect, the company’s ad serving unit, will provide Modem Media’s
client — whose identity was undisclosed — with the capability to manage
and track online advertising campaigns, deployed across any digital device.

“Modem Media is a very influential player in the interactive services
industry, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be working with them,” said
David Moore, president and chief executive officer of 24/7 Media.

“24/7 Connect is a powerful ad serving system that will be a great fit for
the specialized services Modem Media creates for its clients.”

Until fairly recently, 24/7 Media had outsourced its ad serving to CMGI‘s AdForce, but it has lately been moving all
of its clients over to its proprietary solution. That system, which the
company partially based on the technology of Sabela Media, which it
acquired, is 24/7’s first real effort at getting into the ad serving
business. The company says that more than 96 percent of the US Web sites on
the 24/7 Network have transitioned to 24/7 Connect, serving more than 135
million impressions per day.

Separately, 24/7 Media on Monday said its ad serving network for small- and
medium-sized Web sites, ContentZone, served more than 200
million impressions in June, a 100 percent growth since its re-launch in

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