24/7 Media Network Adds 23 Sites

New York City-based 24/7 Media Inc. said that it has added 23
new sites, including HomeSeekers.com, to 10 of its 21 content channels in The
24/7 Network.

“This surge of new name-brand sites is the result of momentum we built last
year,” said Mark Burchill, senior vice president, worldwide business
development at 24/7 Media. “Many of these additions contribute directly to
Media Metrix’s January report that our reach increased to more than 52 percent
of the online audience.”

HomeSeekers.com joined 24/7’s Real
Estate channel. HomeSeekers.com is a multi-lingual site featuring a national
database of real estate listings designed for consumers and professional

KillerApp joined 24/7’s Technology
channel. The site provides comparative prices and inventory from multiple
resellers. Web site guest book technology provider Alxbook.com was also added.

Other additions include APBOnline, a source for police and crime
news; SimCity, an online resource for the popular
computer game; and Hotgames.com and WinDough.

Additions to 24/7’s Entertainment channel include Baywatch.com, the companion
site to the popular television program, and MGM.com. Other new Entertainment
channel sites include FunnyMail.com, MediaRack and Undeniable Stars.

The Rough Guide Online joined 24/7’s Travel channel. Also joining the Travel
channel were Travel Navigator, The Virtual Tourist, and The Universal Currency
Converter site.

Other additions included Chattown USA, Penpal.net and PopMail to 24/7’s
Community channel; Anglerworld and Today’s Sports to 24/7’s Sports channel;
Net-A-Car to 24/7’s Automotive channel; The Internet Sleuth and Virtual Sites
to 24/7’s Search/Directory channel.

24/7 operates The 24/7 Network
comprised of more than 150 name-brand Web sites organized into content
channels, as well as The ContentZone, a network of more than
2,500 small to medium sites. In addition, the company owns and operates 24/7
Profilz, the first online co-op database of Web user profiles, employed with
24/7’s Adfinity adserving system. The company has international interests in
24/7 Media Asia and 24/7 Media Europe.

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