24 Sites Sign With Engage I/PRO

Redwood City, CA-based Internet Profiles Corp. (I/PRO), a subsidiary
of Andover, MA-based Engage Technologies, said it has signed 24
Web sites during the first quarter for its Web measurement, auditing and
custom research services.

New customers include a variety of corporate marketing, e-commerce,
entertainment, news and information sites, including E-greetings Network,
iVillage, TechWave, Reader’s Digest, SegaSoft Networks, Mediconsult.com and
Raging Bull.

I/PRO was recently acquired by profile marketing company Engage, which itself
is a subsidiary of Internet holding company CMGI Inc.

“As I/PRO embarks on a new era as part of Engage, we will continue to focus
on our mission of providing superior Web measurement and research services,”
said Bradley Rode, I/PRO’s president and CEO. I/PRO’s services include
Nielsen I/PRO I/AUDIT and Nielsen I/PRO NetLine.

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