2FX.com Launches myBannerSwap.com Service

2FX.com, a developer and provider of Web-based
community services, launched myBannerSwap.com, a service that provides
sites with the ability to create and maintain their own banner-exchange
networks for free.

myBannerSwap.com eliminates the software, server and bandwidth expenses of
operating banner-exchange networks, the company said.

“Banner-exchange networks have always been an excellent method of building
Web communities and promoting sites, products and services,” said Scott
Adams, president and CEO of 2FX.com. “Unfortunately, there are very few
commercial banner-exchange software packages available and those that are
tend to be lacking in features, reliability, and support in addition to being
very complicated to install and maintain. . . .By using our service, sites
focus on the more important aspects of banner-exchange networks such as
marketing and advertising sales.”

Sites that create and maintain banner-exchange networks in myBannerSwap.com
receive 25 percent of the total ads displayed which they can use as a
marketing tool to promote their sites or generate advertising revenues. In
return, myBannerSwap.com retains 25 percent of the total ads displayed in
each banner-exchange network. The remaining ad inventory is reserved for ad
credits earned by the member sites of each
banner-exchange network.

Sites that join banner-exchange networks created through myBannerSwap.com
earn one ad credit for every two ads they display on their site.

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