4Internet Joins @dVENTURE Network

4Internet, which describes itself as a vertical portal network, has joined the
@dVENTURE Network, VentureDirect
Worldwide’s online advertising network.

The 4Internet network generates more than
5 million page views a month and contains 2,000 vertical sites, reviewed by
4Internet and considered by the company to be the “best of the Internet.”

The network is organized into 14 categories, which include niche
subcategories. These categories and sites all begin with the number 4, so a
Web surfer can quickly and
easily find exactly what they are looking for by typing 4 then the subject.

4Internet’s structure, which is similar to that of the @dVENTURE Network,
produces targeted traffic that helps advertisers improve results, the company

“4Internet provides
excellent targeting because their sub sites attract people with specific
interests,” said Dan Sweeney, manager of the @dVENTURE Network.

The 4 Network is a next generation Internet service providing direct
navigation, content, community and e-commerce. The network consists of more
than 2,000 vertical sites that begin with the number 4, followed by city names
and keywords.

The @dVENTURE Network is VentureDirect Worldwide’s network of targeted, brand
name Web sites. It offers run of network, affinity and site specific
advertising options. VentureDirect Worldwide is an integrated direct marketing
and media company.

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