Accipiter AdManager Price Cut 50% by Engage Technologies

In a move to make its ad serving software more widely accessible to the
market, Engage
announced a permanent 50% reduction in software prices for
Accipiter AdManager product.

The new pricing model, effective immediately, applies to all levels of the
software, and to both perpetual and quarterly subscription licenses. Engage
also announced beta availability of the first Engage-enabled Accipiter

By combining this price cut with the beta launch of ad management products
that have been enhanced with behavior-based profiling, Engage said it is
taking Internet advertising to the next level as a result of the recent
Engage/Accipiter merger.

“Ad serving software has become part of the basic online advertising
infrastructure and should be priced accordingly. We believe this pricing
strategy makes room in the market for Engage’s next generation technology–profile-enabled targeting–and that Engage-enabled advertising solutions
will provide distinctive value,” said Chris Evans, CEO of Accipiter.

Advertisers using Engage-enabled Accipiter products can go beyond existing
site-centric contextual and registration-based ad targeting to visitor-centric
profiles, accessed in real-time from Engage Technologies’ database of
anonymous Web profiles, Engage said.

Accipiter was acquired eight weeks ago by CMG Information Services and merged with Engage

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