Accrue Insight 2.0 Released

Accrue Software released
Accrue Insight 2.0., an update to its network-based Web site analysis

The new version offers improved performance, greater ease of use, a broader
range of reporting capabilities, new exporting features, and greater
scalability, the company said.

“With Accrue Insight 2.0, we are defining the future of Web site analysis
solutions,” said Simon Roy, president and CEO of Accrue. “After extensive
input from customers and partners, we have enhanced Accrue Insight to ensure
that it helps companies reduce the costs of attracting qualified visitors to
the site, draw and retain more valuable visitors, generate increased
site-based transactions and lower site maintenance costs.”

Accrue Insight 2.0 offers expanded reporting capabilities that provide in-
depth information about Web site visitors and the quality of their experience
at a site. Detailed tracking information includes the number of sessions
taking place on multiple sites and servers, and the average duration of a
customer’s visit.

Accrue Insight 2.0 tracks a visitor’s path through multiple servers and
reports that visitor as a single integrated session. The product also
provides reports that highlight individual URLs and identify where visitors
enter and exit a site.

Reports can be generated and analyzed through any Java-enabled browser. Users
can export data to Microsoft Excel or HTML format. Improved automation of
report scheduling enables administrators to generate reports during off-peak
hours. And its scalability can support complex, distributed environments
receiving several million hits per day. Pricing was not disclosed.

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