Ad-backed Real-Time Stock Market Info Site Launches

First International Financial Corp. in Los Angeles launched Free Real, an ad-backed site
that offers investors unlimited free real-time stock-market information from
the Nasdaq, American, and New York Stock Exchanges.

The recent volatility of stock markets has skyrocketed demand for
real-time market data from Internet viewers for which 20-minute-delayed
information is not adequate, the company said.

Free Real members can register online. The site was designed from
the ground up to provide Free Real members with fast quotes.

“We believe real-time stock information is superior to old news, and
real-time information gives investors the ability to make better-informed
decisions,” said Brad Gunn, president of First International. “And because
it is free, they save money.”

Advertisers and media buyers can choose to target their audience by criteria
including city, ZIP code, income, occupation and company, Gunn said.
CyberReps is handling ad sales.

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