Ad Lists Become a Networking Forum

Internet discussion lists, long populated by techno-geeks debating software
bugs, “are becoming a key networking forum for senior executives in online
advertising,” says a piece in Advertising Age.

They’re also generating ad revenue, new business and branding opportunities
for those who run them.

The article quotes Adam Boettiger, vice president, advertising and marketing
for eyescream interactive in Portland, OR, and moderator of the Internet
Advertising Discussion List
, as saying that 80% of the new business he
brings to the agency comes directly from people who have heard of him
through the list.

Another list is the Online Advertising Discussion List moderated
by Richard Hoy, vice president-marketing at Internet marketing agency
Tenagra in Houston, which has also seen new business as a result of the list.

Beyond bringing in new business for the companies that host them, the lists
themselves generate revenue.

Boettiger owns the Internet Advertising list, but splits ad revenue with
eyescream, which reps the list, Ad Age said. He charges $5,720 per
quarter (a $40 cost per thousand) for a one-day-per-week exclusive
sponsorship on his list, and has signed advertisers including Narrowline,
CNET, and i-Frontier.

The Online Advertising list charges $750 per week ($120 CPM), and has signed
advertisers including Wired Digital, Texas Monthly and 24/7 Media.

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