AdForce Streamlines Third-Party Ad Serving

AdForce in Cupertino, CA launched AdForce One, a new program that streamlines
the delivery of third-party ads.

A new Web site,, was set up to provide
AdForce One members with automatic registration and on-going access to support

Once a site is a member of AdForce One, it will be pre-qualified to accept ads
delivered by AdForce for any advertiser. Among the first to sign up for
AdForce One are @Home, CNN, GeoCities, Hoovers, Newspage, Real Names (Centraal
Corp.) and Wired Digital.

“Because we are in the unique position of providing Internet ad management
solutions to both ad agencies and Web sites, we understand the ad management
and delivery process from both perspectives,” said Chuck Berger, president and
CEO of AdForce. “Agencies clearly see third-party
ad delivery as a way to deliver more value to their advertisers.”

AdForce customer service representatives assist member Web sites through a
three-step process.

Step one involves the collection of all relevant technical and contact data
about each site, including the size of ads accepted, types of rich media
supported and measurement methodology.

Step two entails testing to validate rich media delivery and test “tags,” the
computer code that tells the site’s server to call for an AdForce ad when it
delivers a page to a user.

Step three consists of a continuous monitoring process to ensure the ongoing
integrity of the AdForce One information. The AdForce service delivers more
than two billion ads monthly.

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