AdKnowledge Offers Millward Brown Interactive’s Voyager Profile

Palo Alto, CA-based ad management services company AdKnowledge said it is the first Web
advertising company to offer Millward Brown Interactive’s Voyager
Profile reports to customers.

The reports enable advertisers to determine exactly who was exposed to their
ads and therefore to better calculate the reach and impact of their online ad

The AdKnowledge System, combined with Voyager Profile, gives “the most
complete and accurate snapshot” of who saw a campaign and what they did after
clicking through to a site, the company said. Financial arrangements between
the companies were not disclosed.

Voyager Profile provides detailed demographic, attitudinal, product and
Web-centric measures of more than 60 key variables (including age, income,
location of Web access,
product consumption, and media usage) for campaigns managed by AdKnowledge.

The information is captured from Web users who are recruited for Millward
Brown Interactive’s nationally representative online panel.

“Voyager Profile provides concise, actionable reports that allow advertisers
to compare actual results with reach, frequency and demographic goals,” said Rex Briggs, executive vice president of Millward Brown Interactive. “Armed
with this information, advertisers can now make well-informed adjustments
during a campaign if necessary.”

The AdKnowledge System includes five components that span planning,
campaign management, ad placement and tracking, reporting, and post-click
tracking and analysis. Voyager pricing for customers is $1,500 per report

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