AdPulse Launches Transactional Banners

AdPulse Inc. delivered a patent pending
banner technology that it calls Targeted E-Commerce, a transactional ad
vehicle that can sell a third-party product without the consumer ever having
to leave the host site.

“This represents the ultimate convergence between advertising and
e-commerce,” said Emerson E. Segura, CEO of AdPulse.
The company said that its technology can “precisely target products and
services to consumers. Then, if they so choose, we can fill their order, on
the spot, in under 60 seconds.”

AdPulse, in cooperation with, a subsidiary of Indigo Books,
Music & More, already launched an e-commerce-enabled, rich media
advertising campaign on the Arts and Entertainment section of

The banners expand after being clicked. Consumers can also browse the ad by
choosing to read a book summary, book review, or excerpt from one of the
chapters prior to making their purchase. Thomas Harris’ bestseller, Hannibal,
is the first product
being tested in a campaign that will be expanded to include other book
selections and merchandise, the company said.

AdPulse Inc. is a division of TargetNet Inc., which offers targeted
advertising and e-commerce solutions. TargetNet also owns The Datacom Ad Network, a service that
includes 3,500 small to medium-sized sites.

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